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Creativity, inspiration, and courage are often the building blocks of a smooth-running organisation. And no matter how committed today’s entrepreneur is to maintaining the battery of inspiration and creativity fully charged, day-to-day worries and work pressure may cause him to slowly lose sight of these building blocks…

Business events at DroomParken

Meetings: Have complex matters to discuss? Doing it outside your everyday environment will make it easier and more pleasant. DroomParken can offer you a broad range of options.

Brainstorming sessions

Creative ideas are more likely to emerge in a creative environment. DroomParken’s locations offer this creative and inspiring environment.


Want to reward your staff, customers, or other connections for their hard work or years of loyalty? Let them enjoy an incentive at DroomParken.

Long-term rental

Have you sourced in an expert from abroad or temporarily seconded one of your employees to another site? Offer him or her additional comfort and freedom in the form of a temporary personal accommodation at one of our DroomParken.

Staff party

Want to organise a staff party for your company, but lack the time to do it? Have DroomParken do it all for you.

Team building

Collaboration among team members will be further strengthened by a day filled with activities you would never have thought of. DroomParken can organise the entire day for you.

Further information?

For a complete list of all our parks, click here.

Would you like further information about or a customised offer for a business event at DroomParken, please email zakelijk@droomparken.nl.