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Care Holidays At Droomparken

Carefree vacation with Comfortzorg

A vacation is only truly a vacation when you don’t have to worry about anything. Not about the stay, not about the bed linen, not about the cleaning. And certainly not about your personal care, you want that to be arranged to perfection. DroomParken is therefore the place to be! At DroomParken you can rely on great care and assistance from Comfortzorg.

At all our parks we offer tailored care with the guarantee of care organisation Comfortzorg’s many years of experience. Comfortzorg is the Netherlands’ largest and most experienced organisation in the area of care and services at holiday locations. Comfortzorg offers nursing care and support at all our DroomParken parks. Anything that is possible at home can also be arranged at a DroomPark. The combination of Comfortzorg and DroomParken will ensure you have a vacation with reliable care!

This may include help washing and getting dressed, personal case and nursing, help with a drip-feed and catheterisation, wound treatment, medical aids in your holiday home or assistance during activities/excursions. But help in case of special requirements during your vacation is also possible. Together with Comfortzorg we will assess how we can cater to all your holiday needs. This will ensure you can enjoy a carefree holiday amid stunning Dutch scenery.

How to get care during your vacation at DroomParken

Book an accommodation at one of the DroomParken. Next, call or use the contact form below to contact us and indicate that you would like to receive care from Comfortzorg during your stay. State your name, the DroomPark of your choice, and your booking number. Our staff will then pass your details on to Comfortzorg, who will subsequently contact you to discuss your care and/or medical aid needs.


Comfortzorg will charge you a one-off administration fee. If your medical expenses are covered by the AWBZ act for medical care (at home), you are automatically also entitled to medical care at your holiday location. Care will then be free, apart from the regular personal contribution. Needless to say, you can also cover the costs of care yourself, possibly from a state-awarded Personal Budget. Prior to your holiday, you will receive an offer specifying the costs for the care you need. If neither of the above options is open to you, you can purchase care coverage in the private sector.

Adjusted accommodations

DroomParken has especially adjusted accommodations at a number of its parks. The kinds of accommodation available differ per park. To see which kinds of accommodation we have available and what the possibilities are, please contact us by emailing zorg@droomparken.nl or using the contact form.


A tailored holiday in the stunning Veluwe countryside!

DroomPark Beekbergen has partnered with AuMaZorg from Almere to offer a unique vacation option for families with children with an autism spectrum disorder. Persons on a Personal Budget can now contract AuMaZorg care during their stay in the Veluwe. This care consists in, for example, taking care of the children upon arrival and prior to departure. We have also compiled recreational packages with fun activities such as a quest, crafts, or a visit to a theme park.


AuMaZorg focuses on families with a child or teenager with a disorder that falls within the autism or a related spectrum (ADHD/NLD/ODD/MCDD). AuMaZorg was founded 5 years ago following huge demand from parents for expert care in a family setting, including on holiday. By striking up a partnership, DroomParken Beekbergen and AuMaZorg can now meet the need for a relaxing and tailored holiday. Care upon arrival, prior to departure, and in the evenings, and various recreational packages offer something for everyone. Flexible care is, furthermore, possible within the Personal Budget of the child with care needs, but can also extend to his or her brothers and sisters.

DroomPark Beekbergen

DroomPark Beekbergen’s facilities, surrounding area, and stone recreational villas are ideally suited for families with children who have a disorder that falls within the autism or a related spectrum. A covered swimming pool, spacious villas with all modern conveniences, including three bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a large bathroom, and an indoor and an outdoor fireplace. The park borders a 20-hectare forest where you can have long walks and children can play.

If you would like to make use of our care facilities during your holiday, you can add that to your online booking with great ease. Simply tick the “I would like to include care/support from AuMaZorg in my booking” box when booking your holiday. AuMaZorg will then contact you to discuss and organise the care/support you need.

Click here to view AuMaZorg’s range of care services

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Any questions or would you like to book a holiday with care services with us? Please enter the contact form, and we will be happy to discuss your options with you personally.