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Junior Club

The DroomParken recreation team puts on a great programme filled with fun sports and game activities. These activities are organised only during the following school holidays and public holidays: Easter holiday, May holiday, Ascension Day weekend, Whitweekend, and over the high season from 05/07 to 31/08. Bram the Beaver and his friends will, of course, be on hand to make sure everyone has a fantastic adventure!

Who is Bram?

Bram is from Dream Island. Dream Island is located in the middle of the world’s largest sea. The sun always shines there, and it is home to the most delicious fruits. Whenever the people of Dream Island, who are known as Dreamers, feel like rain or snow, they simply dream it. 

Day in, day out, Dreamers dream about fun, jolly, and exciting adventures. As they eat and drink together, they share their dreams as if they really lived them. And after that, the sleepy people of Dream Island get back to their dreaming.

It may sound like fun, but it is actually a bit boring. “I would love to really live the things I dream,” Bram would often think. But that all seemed far to tiring to his Dream friends. “We’ll just dream about it!” they would reply. It made Bram sadder by the day. He basically wanted to leave Dream Island, but he had no boat. Besides, where would he go?

One day, Bram was sitting on the beach, dreaming about a place where all your dreams come true. Suddenly, he was rudely awakened by a piece of paper that was blown into his face by a gust of wind. “What’s this?” Bram shouted surprised. He looked at the piece of paper and couldn’t believe his eyes! “This is exactly the place I dreamt about! DroomParken in the Netherlands. That’s where I’ll go!”

All excited, he showed the piece of paper to his Dream friends. “Will you help me build a boat?” “We’ll just dream about it,” was their reply. Bram gave up and built his own boat from washed-up pieces of wood and sail. He had a moment of doubt, but eventually made a bold decision. “going!” he shouted out. Today, Bram lives with us at DroomParken, and has the wildest adventures every day. And for real this time! Not only in his dreams, but for real!