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Privacy Statement

Droomparken.com has the policy of handling your personal data with extreme care. To be able to provide you with our services, we need to register specific information. All information relating to your personal data will be treated (according to the directives of the Personal Data Protection Act, WBP).

If you are registered in the Droomparken.com database, you have the right to receive a copy of the data collected about you. A request for this can be submitted via the contact form. If, upon receipt of the data, you find that the information recorded about you is incorrect or incomplete or, in your opinion, given the purpose of the registration, should not be in Droomparken.com's data bank, you can ask Droomparken.com to modify or remove the data. You can also use the above addresses for such a request. We will use the stored data to provide our services as mentioned in the terms. In addition, we may use the data to provide you with information about our services and offers that we think are relevant to you.


If you use our site, we automatically save certain information. This may be information about which URL you have come from, which URL you are using, which browser you are using, and your IP address. We use this information in the context of the normal use and management of our site and may release this information grouped. Once information is grouped, it is impossible to trace the data back to a particular user. We are not interested in data that says something about the identity of the visitor to our site. Droomparken.com is interested in information that says something about the use of the site, such as: how many visitors do we get? What are the busiest hours and which pages are being visited most?

We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file sent with pages from this website. This is saved by your browser on your computer.

Droomparken.com and Telegraaf Media Groep N.V. are working together to optimise customer profiles in order to only show relevant advertisements.